I wanted to thank Sleepasil for sending over the sleep care package! I’ve already been using the items to get me some much needed rest! The scented oil is making my pimp pad much more pleasing to the nose while the little pillows are great for a quick power nap in the car.

I also tried out the Sleepasil tablets and I really did have a great sleep. I usually toss and turn and wake up at least once, if not more, in the middle of the night. After taking the Sleepasil tablets I slept completely throughout the night!

Thanks Sleepasil!


For most bloggers, the creative juices seem to flow better during nighttime. This actually isn’t new to most internet surfers, for they find comfort in going about the World Wide Web after the day is through. Thus is the time when the online community comes alive and joins discussions about anything and everything under the moon.

Unfortunately, such a lifestyle can disrupt sleeping habits, eventually causing poor health. For nocturnal internet users, here are important considerations in getting that much-needed quality rest.

1. Treat the bed as nothing but a comfortable place for sleeping – no book, no laptops, no distractions. And while you’re at it, use your Adsense earnings to buy the perfect mattress.

2. Insomnia-proof your room by checking its lighting condition. This is because the brain is said to produce more melatonin, a natural hormone that induces sleep, when the surrounding is in total darkness during sleep.

3. Relax the body by taking a warm bath before going to bed. Use your favorite body scrub and loofah, and you’ll feel like you’ve been massaged to dreamland.

4. Wear comfortable pajamas. Be it a beaten-down jersey or a rag-like t-shirt, it helps the body relax and sleep comfortably.

5. Leave bad thoughts aside. Be positive. Always remember that the next day will bring you more opportunities.

6. Say no to stimulants such as sweet desserts and coffee. They are known to be “uppers” which make it more difficult for you to go to sleep.

7. Try natural dietary supplements that aid sleep like Sleepasil. Unlike many sleeping pills, it is not habit-forming for it’s made of a unique blend of melatonin, chamomile and valerian root. It also doesn’t bulldoze you into hitting the sheets like harmful sleeping pills do.

Get the most out of your bloggers lifestlye by maintaining good health. Start by getting some sleep tonight after jotting down that blog post, and reap all the benefits that a well-rested body can give.