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WINNER of the Ultimate Luxury Movie Massage Contest


There were lots of entries and we had to pick one from the pictures with the most likes and the judges just really felt that the caption and the picture for this one was the most heart-felt.

So congratulations to Susan Tan and her family for winning this contest!




The joy and laughter that resonates across the room is indeed hard to forget. However, it has been quite a while that such gathering by family members has come to pass. Geographical locations, work commitments and other personal endeavors have driven to a wedge towards the materialization of this rare occasion.

Upon learning of this contest, nothing came to my mind but the long overdue family reunion culminating with an all inclusive SPA. The presence of each family will surely be realized because along with this SPA we wish to also celebrate the 80th birthday of our beloved mother. Indeed another unforgettable event will surely be experienced by all.

“I want to win the BlueWater Day Spa and

http://WhenInManila.com/ ’s FAMILY / BARKADA MOVIE MASSAGE contest! TWENTY FRIENDS! 20 FAMILY and/or BARKADA MEMBERS will get to experience BlueWater Day Spa’s movie theater massage! High Definition (HD) movie and massage for me and my barkada!!! Just for posting a picture here. More info – http://bit.ly/hk2pMF




Again, congratulations! If you guys want to see the original post with info for this contest, you can check it out here – http://www.wheninmanila.com/the-ultimate-luxury-movie-massage-contest-you-20-friends-or-family-win/

Thanks to everyone who joined! Stay tuned for more contests coming soon! We’re trying our best to get more cool stuff for you guys! Thanks again for all the support!


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