In response to the “million moron march,” also known as the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally, the internet has called for a “Restoring Truthiness Rally!”

The website the Daily Transom writes:

As a response to Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” something-or-other held in Washington on August 28, a call has gone out to Comedy Central’s leading exponent of all things truthy, Stephen Colbert,¬†to hold a rally of his own. Colbert’s show is in reruns at the moment, so he can’t readily respond to, which states the following about why it was created:

Why: America, we are at a crossroad. Truthiness in this nation is at an all-time low since the inception of the concept was founded by the great American, Stephen Colbert. In its rich history over the past five years, Truthiness has become synonymous with American values such as freedom, honor, and Taco Bell. Recently our nation has suffered a truthiness drain. In fact, untruthiness is as common as measles vaccinations that cause cancer. We as a nation have stopped relying on our emotions and gut. We need to get back to what makes this nation great. Act on impulse not fact. Stop wasting time analyzing and just take what people say on face value. Why think when someone else can think for you. It’s superficial. It’s quick. It’s American. Restore Truthiness now!

The owners of the website¬†did not immediately respond to an email request for comment. UPDATE!“Restorer of Truthiness” responded to our questions quickly enough to merit an update. Three people make up the team behind the idea, and according to the “Restorer” the point of “Stephen Colbert,, and the idea of a Restore Truthiness Rally is that you cannot take politics so seriously.” The email continued:

Do we honestly want Colbert to hold a rally? Definitely. Is this some left-wing agenda driven response to Glenn Beck’s rally? No, but we do want to make a parody of it, and who better to do it then Stephen Colbert. Our goal is to stir people up to be a part of a fun light-hearted movement to NOT take politics too seriously, and have a few good laughs along the way.

The “Restorer” ended the email message by stating that if Stephen Colbert issues a response to the effort, ‘they’ will “pee our pants. Then, we will proceed to work with him to hopefully coordinate an event.”