Finally able to put down my Angry Birds game…. I actually deleted it off my iPad… I swear games will be the end of me… haha.

Anyway with my new found (or long lost) time now, I was finally able to finish the book I’ve been reading.

I’m actually re-reading this book and highly highly HIGHLY recommend it.

The books is called: “How to Talk to Anyone – 92 Little Tricks for Big Success” by Liel Lowndes.


I can 100% say that any success I’ve had in life this far has something to do with this book.

From learning about how to start small talk, to having big business talks, it’s all in here. From meeting someone at a bar to meeting someone in the boardroom. Learn how to talk like the top cats while still being able to communicate to that cute girl at the party.

Wherever you are, whatever the situation. This book has a tip in there to help you with your personal and professional life!

Highly recommend this book. Communication is often overlooked and underrated.

Book Recommendation: How to Talk to Anyone, 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes