Here’s a video of Hannah Villasis, author of the blog Hannah won the 2009 award for “Best Personal Blog” at the Digital Filipino E-Commerce summit ( held at the Intercontinental Hotel. FlairCandy gives us a brief talk on how to successfully start your own personal blog

Some highlights from Hannah’s talk:

  • Put yourself into the blog
  • Be just who you are
  • You are your own personal brand
  • Your own personal brand will connect with others like you and that will be your niche
  • You can be funny, crazy, goofy, sexy or whatever, your readers will relate to you if its you
  • If you want to communicate to your audience, it’s no longer about the super models, it’s about just you and me, the personal bloggers

Check out more of Hannah at her site or I recommend you follow her on Twitter at hannah-villasis-find-your-niche

Check out more of Hannah at her site or I recommend you follow her on Twitter