Someone left a post-it on a note that was given to me in the office the other day. I looked down upon this yellow square piece of paper that probably took half a tree to make and thought to myself… WTF!


A Post it? I haven’t seen that in ages!  OMG, like really?

I just got me thinking about how much technology has improved our lives lately.

Instead of Post-its nowadays on my wall, I get posts on my wall from Facebook.


Instead of mountains of files I now carry around a tiny USB.


Instead of a courier pigeons or, even more ghastly: pagers, we all now have sleek cell phones that can call our friends direct instead of blurting out our most intimate words to an operator who types it out to be paged.


Oh and best of all, thanks to new technologies like Facebook, we’ve all moved on from those other prehistoric forms of communication… Friendster!

Life is indeed much better thanks to technology!

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