Valentines Treat Package Winners from The Wake Up Show

Hey guys! Thanks for joining the Valentine’s Treat contest we had! There were way too many entries so we instead picked some consolation prize winners.

For the top winner, again, “likes” were worth 50% and then the picture itself and the comment was worth another 50%.

Anyway, the grand prize winner gets dinner for two at Outback Steakhouse. A bouquet of flowers from Paraiso Flowers and a SPAradise Couple’s massage treatment from BlueWater Day Spa.


Mia Guerzon Rivera!

Here’s her entry:

Mia Guerzon Rivera!

Here’s her entry:

Good day everyone! This is me and my Mom. This photo was taken 3 years ago. I’ll tell you a story behind this photo. It was a Saturday morning, and I was planning to surprise her about something. This picture was taken an hour after we woke up. Then I gave her a little something. I made up some tickets, like passes for a concert, from truly yours, also starring truly yours (hehe), for a lunch, a free massage, a free movie ticket, and a dinner. And I really, really, really, had a hard time saving money for that, ’cause I’m just a student. LOL. :)) And I really want to give her something that would surprise her, ’cause her Birthday’s coming, and I still don’t have enough money to have a surprise for her happen. And then this treat came up. So, I’m hoping against hope that I get to win this. Her birthday’s 0n the 17th. It’s been years since we’ve bonded like crazy; she’s got lots and lots of work to do, so a day off would be perfect. :))
When I was younger, I often ask my Mom how come she’s alone every Valentine’s day if the season was for couples. I always wonder, that’s why one day, she gave me the answer that I’ve been dying to hear.
“Dear, Valentine’s day isn’t just about couples, or those who are in a relationship.. It’s about giving love..” She said..
Pretty simple, isn’t it? But meaningful, really.
My mom is my best friend. She’s different from the other mothers I’ve known. She’s cool, and I can talk to her about everything.. She’s my protector. I remember one time when I have been into trouble.. She asked me if I wanted her to fight for me.. And because of that, I’ve loved her even more..
This Valentine’s day, I want to thank her for all the sacrifices she’d done for me and my brother.. She’d taken full responsibility for raising us alone.. She’d worked non-stop for us to live our daily lives.. Yet, she still remained to be a model mom..
Mom, Happy Birthday.. Happy Valentine’s too.. I’ll always remember what you’ve taught me. Thank you for having me and my brother.. Thank you for giving us this life.. I’m so lucky to have you as my mom.. You’re my number one.. Joining this contest is just a little thing to do, compared to all the thing s that you’ve done just to raise us up.. And don’t ever think that you’re alone.. You are never.. We, your children, are always here for you, no matter what..


Since there were so many good entries, we decided to give away some consolation prizes! A SPAradise Couple’s Massage package goes to each of the following winners below.

For the consolation prizes, the picture was worth 50% and the comment another 50%.

Mish Cruz

This is me with my Kulet, we call each other kulet and we’ve been together for 6 yrs. and 11 months. I think we deserve this V-day treat ‘coz we’re so stressed nowadays and having misunderstandings because we don’t have enough time for each other since we’re both graduating this coming march. This V-day treat would mean a lot to us, rekindle the old flare we had before. (p.s we’re both avid fans of mellow! we always listen to The Wake Up Show every morning on the way to school!) =)

Au Reyes-Manalo

Hey! Hey! My Valentines entry is for me and my husband. We hope to enjoy your awesome Valentine Treat. Technically, we’ve been together for almost 8 years now. “Technically”. because we’ve been bf/gf since 2003 and he broke it off when we were 3.5 years (let’s just say, he wanted to see if his charm still works with other “fish” in the ocean…;-) ). After his journey, he still realized that his only “bliss” was with me, so he woed his way back and we decided to give it another spin…so true, love is sweeter the 2nd time around and everything went smoothly and as if nothing happened. We decided to tie the knot year 2009 and were given the most wonderful gift, who will turn 7 months the day before this Valentine’s Day…our own little angel. Having a precious addition to our family is priceless, all the sleepless nights and playtime with our baby was all worth it when you see your baby smile back and giggles with you. It would be equally splendid if we would be able to spend this coming valentine’s day together and appreciate each other’s company and rekindle the ‘old times’ like bf/gf with Mellow947 Valentine Treat. Having a day of rest from our very busy role – parenthood. Thank you and more power to your show!

Inna Villa

Hi Vince and Tracy! Okay, so this is the first time i’ll ever join any competition like this, and im so excited!! HAHA! Plus i always listen to you guys so its more exciting ♥
Anyway, I introduce to you my parents, and i am hoping to win the Valentines Day treat for them! For me, they truly deserve this because of all the things they do for us siblings. This is just one way to show how thankful we are for taking good care of us, for always being there and being the best parents ever. They need to relax and spend some time with each other!! They’ve been so busy with work and helping my siblings in school and i think this treat is just PERFECT for them 🙂
I know they’ll appreciate this and I just want to make them happy 🙂 thanks for giving us this opportunity! God bless you guys 🙂

Harold Francis

aside from valentines day… my gf and i also celebrating the most special date of us being lovers – our anniversary:) of course… it doesn’t matter to us where or how much would be the cost of our date, what matter is that she’s with me and the love we built 7 years ago…keeping stronger and better – completes me indeed!
I’m happy because I have her. I know flowers and chocolates and even just a word couldn’t explain how thankful I am. Each day, my heart races giving me the reason to live. Our time together is so special because it’s filled with love. And If there’s one thing that I’ve done best in my life, it would be the day I started loving her. She’s a lover and friend to me. It feels like a comfortable refuge on her shoulders. She allows me to be myself. I love hier today and I will love her until my last breath.
enough reasons to surprise her with a valentines treat c/o of
The Wake Up Show! she’s a big fan to say! crossed fingers!

Again, congratulations to the winners!

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