“All we do is LIN LIN LIN”

“LIN Long and Prosper”

“Everyday I’m HustLIN”

“Truly a LINderella Story”


“Jeremy is LINcredible!”

“Super LINtendo”

“LINsane in the LINbrain”

And so many more bad puns have emerged since the Jeremy Lin Show began not too long ago! Even the Twitter hashtag #LINsanity is consistently trending throughout the world.

Anyway, further reports say that Jeremy Lin might even make the NBA All Star Game and that a Jeremy Lin New York Knicks’ colors Nike Shoe deal is in the works!

Anyway, you know you’ve made it into Pop Culture Nirvana when David Letterman writes a Top 10 list about you!

So here you go, the David Letterman Top 10 Worst Jeremy Lin Puns! It’s absolute LINsanity!



David Letterman Top 10 Worst Jeremy Lin Puns

#LINsane #LINsanity Continues


10. Lin-Termittent Windshield Wiper

9. Law and Order: Criminal Lin-Tent

8. Ange-Lin-A Jol-Emy

7. Lin-Ternational House of Lin-Cakes

6. Newt Lin-Grich

5. Lin-Terest-Bearing Lin-Vestment Grade Financial Lin-Strument

4. Does This Look Lin-Fected to You?

3. Jere-Meat Sauce with Lin-Guine

2. Kni-Xual Lin-Tercourse

1. You Gotta Be Lin It to Lin It


This LINsanity is LINsane! I mean It’s LINterresting and all but hopefully it’s not LINfectious…