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Five 5 Total Care Ways to Prepare for Life: Relationships, Dates, Careers and your Future

Throughout my short time in this world, I’ve come to find out a few things that has always gotten me through the tough times. Whenever I get too nervous, or too overwhelmed with the task at hand, I tend to look back at my past and try to figure out how I’ve overcome those other trials and hardships. I’ve come to a conclusion that there are five main things I do to help give me the strength and the confidence needed, let me share them with you.





One random day, in a random city, at a random building, you’ll get into an elevator with a big shot whom you really look up to but have only seen in the magazines, watched on TV or heard on radio. But now, for whatever strange coincidence, you’ll be alone in an elevator with him/her. What do you do now? Are you ready to give your elevator spiel on why you matter? Many times in life, the biggest and best opportunities come out of nowhere. You will not have any time to stop and prepare and you may miss out on these once in a lifetime occasions. Instead, you should always be preparing yourself. Figure out what you want to do in life and start preparing. You may want to be a big TV star, so start preparing your acting skills even before the audition. You may want to be a big banker, so start preparing your financial knowledge by knowing what’s going on with the economy and with the banks. You never know who you might need to impress out of the blue. Successful people are always ready whenever the time comes. Success is preparation meeting opportunity!



In many events, challenges, matches or big moments in your life, you will probably have some time to properly prepare for the situation. This is where the big players gets separated from the little boys. The real winners do their research! They research everything from the venue, the audience, the background of the event, all the way to the names of the guards at the door. Someone well prepared will be much more comfortable and confident when that said event finally takes place. Little things like showing up to the event early and checking your PowerPoint presentations on the projector or knowing where the podium is or even just meeting the organizers of the event play a big role when you finally have to give that big presentation! Do your research!



It’s an old saying that is so much more useful when you actually implement it! Usually, before a big speech, people would pace around the backstage telling everyone in sight that they are nervous. This actually hinders your confidence and ability to do well because you are setting your mind and yourself to think that you are nervous. Instead, pretend that you aren’t. Tell yourself that you are not nervous and tell everyone else that too. If you start pretending that you’re comfortable, you might start pretending to act like a confident person and next thing you know, you actually become confident. The universe has a strange way of giving you what you ask for, make sure you’re asking it to make you confident rather than telling it to make you more nervous. Fake it til’ you make it!



It’s all about the little details. I remember my college professor telling me that the little things matter! They matter because the little things are a reflection of how you will handle the bigger things. If you can’t be trusted with the little things, how can we trust you with the big ones. If you forget to email that document your boss told you to email, or if you misplace the copies of the lunch menu your colleagues asked you for, then when it comes down to assigning you bigger tasks, they might be a bit hesitant to ask for your service or to give you that promotion. So make sure you check all the small things. Mind the details!



I use this as a metaphor for everything else like combing your hair, shining your shoes and making sure your tie is sharp! Part of having the full confidence you need is having the basic tools necessary. Always dress to impress! It’s better to dress up than to be dressed down. So keep that breath fresh! It starts not just at the moment of your big event, but from months ago. Get that suit ironed out, but that nice tie you need and start using that mouthwash for that total care you need to succeed. Confidence comes from within, it comes from what you do day in and day out. So be sure you are prepared for that big day of yours but getting ready now! Total care starts NOW!



Five 5 Total Care Ways to Prepare for Life: Relationships, Dates, Careers and your Future


Week 3: Listerine Total Care Challenge to Clean My Dirty Mouth Report

It’s the third week of my Listerine Total Care Challenge and I’ve never felt more kissable in my life!

Brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash was once a traumatic experience for me. I mean really, who has time to do all that?! But after a few weeks of doing that and feeling cleaner and healthier than ever before, I now have no clue how I did it.

Let me put it in simpler terms: If you don’t want to look like a pirate lost at sea without a toothbrush for more than a year:


Or if you don’t want to look like an old school spy that got shagged in enemy prisons one too many times:


Then It’s really best that you get on with your Total Care pledge to yourself for a healthier lifestyle!

Listerine Total Care Antibacterial Mouthwash prevents tartar to help keep teeth naturally white! A smile is one of your greatest assets. It brightens days and opens doors. Don’t let tartar prevent you from pursuing a life full of smiles!

Here I am flashing my biggest and brightest smiles (note that I did not photoshop this image) –

brad pitt smile

Ok ok, so I know that some of you are thinking that this picture may be me from my younger years… so here’s another unedited but very recent picture of me showing off that one of a kind smile…


that only a mother could love….

Well, at least my teeth are still white and healthy!



Week 2: Clean My Dirty Filthy Mouth Report

I remember a co-worker of mine named George, always had this pet peeve against that people who did their  job half-assed. George would say that it’s such a waste of time  because though you may have been able to rush through the task initially, in the end, you’d just end up having to re-do the entire job or even end up with more work to do, just to cover up for the initial half-assedness… (is that a word?)


With that said I’m now making a pledge of “TOTAL CARE.”

Total care applies to everything from caring about my loved ones, caring about my planet, caring about both my girlfriends… and caring about my health!

First and foremost with my health would be my teeth. You’ve all heard the dentist tell you that the best way to protect them is do the trifecta! Brush, Floss and Gargle!


I’m on my second week of this six week Total Care challenge of Listerine and we’ll see what the dentist says on my evaluation checkup.

As for you guys, my loving readers, NOW is finally the time to make that promise, to make that PLEDGE to yourself to prevent plaque buildup! Reduce that bad plaque, which often leads to serious oral problems! Why wait until it’s too late… your teeth should not be left uncared for!

To help you out! I’m giving away ONE LISTERINE GIFT PACK to the comment with the BEST PLEDGE!

My second pledge would now be to make sure I move my cat out of the way before brushing my teeth….