I was nervous as hell! Not that I haven’t hosted or been on TV before… but I guess there was just something about being really excited about a job or an event that you think is really cool!

It was more of the “damn this is too good to be true” type jitters that had me shaken up a bit.


I’ve heard of big stars, celebrities, rockers and all the big stage performers talking about how they needed some fix to help calm them before performing on the big stage. I would have totally taken whatever they were taking if someone had offered me something just to calm myself.

Overall, I had a blast anyway!

On my first day at Channel [V] Philippines, I interviewed the winners of the Miss Philippines Earth pageant including Miss Philippines Earth 2010 winner Athena Mae Imperial, Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2011 Tarhata Clio Shari Rico, Miss Philippines Fire 2011 Michelle Gavagan and Miss Philippines Water 2011 Murielle Adrienne Orais.

Channel V Miss Earth 008

My cohost for this Channel V special feature was Star World international VJ, Cliff Cole.

We have a lot more shows and features lined up so stay tuned! I’m just glad to get that first feature out of the way to loosen me up a bit.

Here’s to more fun stuff in the near future! (oh and word on the street is that other than my own show on Channel V, I’ll be VJing a lot and already have an interview with Manny Pacquiao lined up…. BOOHYAH!)