I was completely blown away by this video! This high school valedictorian shares the exact same sentiments I do about education systems that are designed simply to have students compromise their individualities and just blend in. Conforming is the name of our education system!

I was born in El Paso, Texas USA, but spent most of my younger years growing up in the Philippines. It was here that I was subjected to some of the most “creativity-killing” schools that tried their best to make their students just another plain fish in the pond.

The greatest leaders in this world always question the way things are. They don’t just do things because they were told to do it that way. Leaders ask why things are being done a certain way, then they find a way to do it easier, faster and better.  Leaders understand the rules, then they break the rules!

I went to three secondary (elementary) schools in the Philippines because I often got kicked out of my schools from either not wanting to memorize 2,000 Chinese vocabulary words (not exaggerating) or because it never really interested me and thus I skipped class way too often. Even when I was in class I would always fall asleep or be told by the teacher that I was not “a good student” (meaning a good follower or good servant) and thus would get in trouble one way or another.  The schools I went to here, Saint Jude Catholic School, San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy and Saint Peter Apostolic School and I don’t recommend sending your kids here EVER!


Anyway, back to the video. The valedictorian talks about not being happy or confident with her career path even though she’s the valedictorian. She says that yes, she may have gotten the best grades, but that only means that she was the best at doing what she was told. She says that while she was busy taking notes in class, others were doodling their hours away and these doodlers will probably one day be great artists. While our valedictorian was out doing homework, others were keeping busy with their hobbies and favorite activities and these people may too become great at these extracurricular engagements. So now, even though she was a valedictorian, she feels lost.

“If you’ve got your eye on the goal, that means you only have one eye on the path.”

I know how most old school thinkers believe that a piece of paper may be the “safest” way to have a normal salary in this world. But if you haven’t realized, there is an army of high school and college drop outs who knew what they wanted and went for it! (i.e. Bill Gates) No amount of education will compare to a strong drive and persistence to succeed. It’s the risk takers that become the millionaires, leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

Anyway, I wouldn’t dare condemn my worst enemy to a fate of being normal. My biggest fear in my life is that I’ll one day look back and realize that I had a mediocre life.



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