When In Manila imagine being in the middle of an important article that you need to post right away, but right as you add your finishing touches and are about to click that “POST” button… POOF! BLACKOUT! (or as the locals call it: BROWNOUT!) – True story.



If you’re a blogger, social media geek, or just a simple online junkie who loves updating your Facebook or Twitter accounts, then you need to get consistent, fast and reliable internet connection wherever you go!

It’s a different kind of world today where every second could have devastating drawbacks and life changing results. These could be in the form of personal things or business related news from the new world wide web! For WhenInManila.com, we need to know the big stories in and around the metro when they happen, as they happen! So we need to be connected as we go on our daily routines.

Thankfully, we carry around our backup internet stick wherever we are! From our own experience, the Sun Broadband Internet has been the most reliable internet broadband stick in the Metro Manila area. We’ve used it a few times wile out of town, and it just depends where you go and if they have coverage there. Fortunately, Sun Broadband is already available in major cities nationwide! So again, we highly recommend it.


Sun Broadband Put to a Test

When in Manila, we tested Sun broadband at home.  Clearly  the coverage Sun has in Manila is amazingly vast and fast.


We didn’t expect to get more than 1Mbps speed but hey, it went more than that!


We were able to work on emails, watch youtube videos, and of course, we were able to stalk our favorite Facebook friends and Twitter celebs…. even if the electricity was out!


Loading and using it is pretty easy too even for a noob like me!

I also did a speed test via speedtest.net and here’s the video to show the result:

So there you go, you can Get Consistent, Fast, Reliable Internet Connection with Sun Broadband!

When In Manila, stay connected and find your fun wherever you go!