What’s going on in the world…. well especially in Manila?! The imminent rise of the Alphabet-Pop / Letter-Pop stars is upon us! Of course, when I say “Alphabet-Pop / Letter-Pop,” I’m talking about the K-Pop (Korean Pop), J-Pop (Japanese Pop), T-Pop (Taiwan Pop), S-Pop (Singapore Pop), M-Pop (Malaysian Pop), F-Pop (Filipino Pop) and Mmmmm-Bop (Pop made by three blonde girls). Ok, well maybe I just made up some (or most) of those “Letter-Pop” titles, but what I’m really trying to say that there is an A-Pop (Asian Pop) invasion that is on the radar to hit Manila.

You’ve seen the A-Pop boy-bands with 37 members and the K-Pop girls who got their start in Manila, but now a new A-Pop (J-Pop to be specific) siren seems to be stealing the limelight.

We may not know what these A-Pop stars are saying in their songs, they may be singing about world peace or eating monkey brains, but either way, we still sing along like we mean it! On the other hand, not knowing what something means never really stopped the Philippines from making something trend, I mean just look at how our fellow citizens write or text:

“EoW pFuOh! ggHuyZ, dHiD u miZ Mi? i LLyK tO knOw moR3 bOut D Nu JpOP snGerzZz like aMurO NaMiE cUz diZ gHurl iZzz zUprz HoT mhEnn! pFroUwd 2 b @ jEJ3mOn! jeJejeJeje”

(*Disclaimer: If you do not understand that statement… Hold your head up high, be proud and just move on…)

Anyway…. What was I talking about… OH YES…. J-Pop Gone “Wild!”

Amuro Namie, the J-Pop singer known widely as the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music” at the height of her popularity, is starting to catch on with Philippine Letter-Pop music lovers.

namie-amuro-so-crazy-8260-come-amouro-japanese-pop Whats Up with A-Pop Asian Pop The Wild Hearted Invasion

Along with renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc., Amuro Namie made her Philippine debut with her hit single “Wild.” The dance/R&B/club driven track features the music of michico and T. Kura of Giant Swing Productions.  A catchy danceable song that has a futuristic groove into it, This song superbly showcases a “Wild” harmony between Amuro Namie’s matchless vocals and upbeat music. Upon the release of the chart-topping single in Japan, it became Amuro’s 11th number one single.

The talented artist moved to Wild’s electro-pop beat with all spunk and energy, owning the spotlight with her refreshing sexiness and edgy style. Showing great enjoyment of her passion, Amuro Namie rocked a to-die-for body that combines flawlessly with fierce choreography and infectious pulsations. Unquestionably, Amuro Namie, in her 30s, still looks incredibly fit and sexy now as she did when she first debuted. Not to mention that her high-energy moves and uniquely dynamic music still are beyond compare. Effortlessly, she captures what being wild at heart and at the same time fit in body means.

namie-amuro-wild-health-j-pop-singer-japanese-jpop-k-hot SWEET

Over a decade since her musical debut, Amuro Namie has remained one of the longest surviving Alphabet-Pop female acts in Japan. She is the only Japanese female artist to have achieved a Top 10 single each year for fourteen consecutive years. Not only is she an accomplished singer, Namie Amuro has perfected the art of stage performance. In her live performances and videos, it’s unmistakable that her years of training in dance always pop out. As what a critic once write about her, “she captures the hearts of her audience by the graceful animation of her stage personality. By virtue of her talents, Amuro Namie has been the most notable Japanese singer to emerge from the Japanese music culture.”

namie-amuro-put-em-up-jpop-j-pop-japanese-singer-cute AmuroNamie -Amuro-namie-namieamuro

Amouro Namie is now emerging in the Philippines as a “Letter-Pop” force to reckon with while continuing to thrill fans all over Asia and the world with her distinctively evolving sound and rhythm.

Now, we could expect Amouro Namie to be the next “Letter-Pop” sensation in the Philippines just as much as we expected the new automated elections to be a complete success… oh… wait…. Nevermind, I forgot that everyone was expecting doomsday scenarios and mass riots… bad comparison… let me rephrase that –

Now, we could expect Amouro Namie to be the next “Letter-Pop” sensation in the Philippines just as much as we expect our noon-time game shows to produce quality entertainment that not only shows off the sophistication of our nation, but also advocates intellectual pursuits and educational features… oh wait…. Damnit I did it again!!!

Anyway I’m just trying to say that she’ll probably be the next big “Letter-Pop” star in the Philippines!

So look out for this independent woman who may soon be finding herself on top of the Philippine music charts and unleashing her innate power as a stunning singer and dancer. She’s just the fitting inspiration for many out there who desires to stay vigorous and to look amazingly sexy while letting that wildly confident vibe shine.

When In Manila, you need to check out this A-Pop / J-Pop singer – Amuro Namie – who’s bound to be a local favorite in no time.

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Check out Amuro Namie’s “Wild” video on YouTube:

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