It’s just funny to see the different Filipino game shows go at it.

In the next videos, you’ll see contestants on Eat Bulaga, a noon time show for GMA, and one from Will Time Gig Time, an evening game show for TV5, as they stumble with their words and accidentally thank the other station.

Hate to say it, but it seems that Willy was actually the bigger person for this little word fumble. Check out the two videos below and let me know what you think.


Jose Manalo Impersonating Willie Revillame – Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga – Juan for all, all for one segment. When the winner accidentally said thank you to ‘Willie’ instead of ‘Wally’ then Jose Manalo impersonating Willie Revillame and the rest is history. Jose Manalo is indeed a natural versatile comedian. ” SUGOD BAHAY, BAWI!!! ” HAHAHA LAUGHTRIP!


Sagot ni Willie Revillame sa (Eat Bulaga) Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame

Sagot ni Willie Revillame sa kay Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame noong Dec 17 2011
Pagkatapos ng show ng eat bulaga!



Eat Bulaga vs Will Time Big Time: Tito Vic Joey vs Willie Revillame