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My newest project, a site called just launched!

when-in-manila-logo-philippinesIf you are wondering why it’s called “When In Manila” The line was referenced from the old saying: “When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do.” So, “When in Manila….” It is our way of saying that if you want to fully enjoy the Philippines and all its wonders, the best way is to immerse yourself into the culture of the Filipinos. From the food, the music, the culture & lifestyle, as well as all the quirks!

When In Manila began as a fun thing for us (It still is!). Our host, Vince Golangco, came back from the US for a visit and started writing about his misadventures here in the Philippines. We thought it would be fun to shoot and follow him around while he gets in trouble, all while re-discovering the Philippines.

Aside from that, we also saw an opportunity to showcase the Philippines, from crazy personalities to mouth-watering restaurants, adrenalin-filled adventures to beautiful sceneries, cool hole-in-the-wall bars to the best dance clubs and so much more! We decided on showing all these through videos because there’s just so much more awesomeness here that can’t be captured with mere words or pictures.

In 2008, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries around this region reported over 15 million visitors each! The Philippines on the other hand, barely had 3 million. What tourists, and the world, may not know is that the Philippines is just as beautiful as Indonesia, just as friendly as Malaysia and just as affordable as Thailand. Though the best part of it for tourists is that most everyone in the Philippines speaks English! Here, getting lost in translation is just one less thing travelers will have to worry about. So we’re a firm believer that the Philippines is still a hidden gem that many jet setters have yet to discover. We’re hoping to change all that.

When In Manila is the first and only online travel / lifestyle video blog from the Philippines. It hopes to highlight the wonderful people, places and events in Manila and around the entire archipelago. We plan to feature the best of the best from all 7,107 islands. This travel show promises to indulge and immerse you into a culture of smiles, a country of fun and a crazy host who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

fake-news-wim-weekend-update-daily-showWhat started out as a fun weekend project quickly ignited a whole new platform for creativity; our other show, WIM News, presented itself as an outlet for both raising awareness and humor. The alternative news reports were created as a means of shedding light onto controversial topics, with a little spice to it. It was a way to laugh about the serious issues, just enough to educate more people about current events while bringing a smile to our audiences as well.

We hope you would enjoy the show and have as much fun as we had while shooting it!

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