Sunday Bloody Book Review 1 –


A must read for any male or female struggling to understand the opposite way of thinking!

For couples who just started dating to those who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. This book sheds light to the little misunderstanding that often lead to big fights. 

It’s a very scientific and humorous approach to the genetic differences between men and women. Millions of years of evolution has imprinted concrete modes of thought for each gender. Though society and upbringing plays a small roll in shaping us into who we are, this book clearly shows that countless years of evolution is hard to ignore. 

“Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” is an international bestseller that reveals many of the universe’s questions such as:

  • Why men really can’t do more than one thing at a time
  • Why women make such a mess of parallel parking
  • Why men should never lie to women
  • Why women talk so much and men so little
  • Why men love erotic images and women aren’t impressed
  • Why women prefer simply to talk it through
  • Why men offer solutions but hate advice
  • Why women despair about men’s silences

I have to admit, I’ve had my share of thinking that Men are from Mars and Women are the Spawn of Satan. Thanks to this book, I’m more likely to think that we’re all just misunderstood. (Though some women are just plain crazy still… =P )

I only have three rating scales –

  1. Must read
  2. OK read but you’ll live without it
  3. Don’t bother

This book is a MUST READ! It gives you knowledge that will change the way you deal with the opposite gender. It is very well written, with concrete facts and witty commentaries.