We’re finally on Xmas week! I’m suffering from an over-partying and over-screaming Monday aftermath with a cracked voice. Plus, so many of our friends have come down with the Holiday blues, wanting to just stay home and rest from their own holiday parties.

Anyway, not sure if this might have been another reason for the over-celebration of some, but on this day, Dec 19, 1997, the most expensive film made (up to that time) at $200 million was released in theaters on this date – Titanic!

So with all those reasons to throw a great bash, we wanted to ask our listeners to fill in the blanks for us:

“You know it was a good Holiday Party (or any party) when _________!”


“You know it was a good Holiday Party (or any party) when _________!”

Here are some of our favorite responses:

@madel82: Good morning be cheez 🙂 You had a great xmas party when you get your fair share with the videoke 🙂

@VinVinJacla: You know you had a good Christmas party when __________________” my crush congratulated me for a job well done

@JulieAnnQuiza: when U r not looking for Food but for the Grove! 😀 just like wat happen last night! 😀

@Merick1015: when your crush gave you a gift. :’)


RT @WhenInManila You know you had a good Christmas party when everybody is full of food, drunk as skunks & no one is crying or screaming!

u know u had a great xmas party when u were singing on ur way home & ur drunk. andy. hello to my nephew moi-moi.

Cesar Austria: when you’ve captured a vid of your boss dancing and singing as if there’s no tomorrow… xD

Kirsten Angela Tan: When you won the raffle!

Shellamae Margallo Delacruz: everybody is dead-tired but had a blast!

Thor Kalayaan: when you wake up in front of your door not knowing anythiiiiing @_@ or when you sound like vince 😛

Winzel Lei Quiambao: When you are the star and If you’re voice totally ran out (like VINCE) xD

Jerome John Junio: you know you had a good christmas party when your friend gives you an embarassing video clip of you and you cant remember doing it because your so wasted from all the alcohol 😀


So, with that said, did you have a good Holiday Party this year?


Signs it was a Good Holiday Xmas Party