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Eat Bulaga vs Will Time Big Time: Tito Vic Joey vs Willie Revillame



It’s just funny to see the different Filipino game shows go at it.

In the next videos, you’ll see contestants on Eat Bulaga, a noon time show for GMA, and one from Will Time Gig Time, an evening game show for TV5, as they stumble with their words and accidentally thank the other station.

Hate to say it, but it seems that Willy was actually the bigger person for this little word fumble. Check out the two videos below and let me know what you think.


Jose Manalo Impersonating Willie Revillame – Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga – Juan for all, all for one segment. When the winner accidentally said thank you to ‘Willie’ instead of ‘Wally’ then Jose Manalo impersonating Willie Revillame and the rest is history. Jose Manalo is indeed a natural versatile comedian. ” SUGOD BAHAY, BAWI!!! ” HAHAHA LAUGHTRIP!


Sagot ni Willie Revillame sa (Eat Bulaga) Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame

Sagot ni Willie Revillame sa kay Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame noong Dec 17 2011
Pagkatapos ng show ng eat bulaga!



Eat Bulaga vs Will Time Big Time: Tito Vic Joey vs Willie Revillame

Things You See At every Pinoy Christmas Party

It’s the holiday party season! Whether you’re at a family reunion, a work party or your school party, you tend to see a lot of the same things at every one.

So we asked our listeners to fill in the blanks: “At every Pinoy Christmas Party __________”




Here are some of our favorite answers:

@Pepsilog: At every Pinoy Christmas Party, there’ probably a Tito Boy present

Francis Marquez Javier: there are lot of foods, unlimited inuman, also party games and now the trending game in filipino party is what we so called PINOY HENYO. yeah .haha .

@ryan_torrejos: at every pinoy xmas party there is always that someone who everyone bullies to sing or dance! ehem ehem. 🙂 happy morning!

Jing Apostol: theres always spaghetti 😀

Gel Odessa Reyes: There are always PARLOR GAMES and apple eating contest at Pasosyalan nang attire whos in and out of the trendy fashiön , exchange of gfts , m0nito m0nita 😉

In evry pinoy christmas theres alwsys somone who smuggles out the ulo ng lechon. Jessie boy

in every pinoy xmas party there’s always karaoke & spaghetti. andy

At every Pinoy Christmas Party you’ll find the painting of the last supper

in every pinoy xmas party, there wud always be one or two people who wil get drunk and make an eksena out of their drunkard-ness. 🙂 – nishya

James Patrick Susano: there will be allways that one person…who will shine.. that everyone didnt notice him/her from the start…but the moment they dress up then BOOM !!! everyone become nice to them

in every pinoy xmas party, there wud always be one or two people who wil get drunk and make an eksena out of their drunkard-ness. 🙂 – nishya


So what else do you think are some things you always see at Pinoy Christmas Parties?

What would you get yourself this Xmas?

The holiday season, especially Xmas, seems to be all about giving gifts to everyone. Stressing out about finding the right gift for your special someone, for your mom, dad, siblings, friends, cousins, kids, bosses, co-workers and so much more! Ahhhhhh just thinking about it is stressing me out.

On the other hand, have you ever thought that it might be the perfect time to also reward YOURSELF with a gift? I mean why not? I’m sure you’ve been working hard all year long! You’ve probably overcome a lot of struggles and hardships! So why not reward yourself with a gift this Xmas as well!

So today on my radio program, The Wake Up Show, on Mellow 94.7, we asked our listeners: “What do you want to get for yourself this Xmas? What gift do you want to treat yourself to and why?”



Here are some of my favorite responses we got from our different media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, our textline and more:

Pau Milton: Boyfriend hahaha LOL.. Please say hi to Ariane Abdala,Camiw Caleda & Trinie Tuazon

Catherine Sadao: To have a trip to canada w/ my family.To relax! and a Boyfriend haha!

Nadz Razmi: I already bought my early xmas gift :), an Itouch4 🙂 I love music, ipod applications and most of all the front and back camera of this itouch4, I love the features, me and my Ipod=forever , it will never leave me, it will never get tired of me, and we can always stick together just like a boyfriend or a bestfriend 🙂

Em-Em DueÑas-Mission Valdez Busano: i want a big tent, air bed & portable chairs of my own that i can use for outdoor activities like picnic, campings, etc.

SarahLou: i want to get married on Christmas day joke i want to receive a Clinique perfume and or a trip to Sydney coz i miss grandma hugz

Anon: gud am vince and tracy for xmas i want 2 have a full body bliss spa/massage, facial, mani&pedi. I need a good pampering, pamper me papi! Hahaha…

J: hey hotness ur back. i missed u so much. xmas happens 2 be my bday also so i want a butt-naked photo of vince as a gift(4 whole yr occation na un). haha. hi vince.

Jonaz Lagunzad: well for me all i want for xmas is a penis enlargmet coz i want it big for christmas =D hehehe. thank you…

Sai: all i want for xmas is a boob-job!

LOL, you guys are funny! Anyway, I’ll try to start posting our daily discussions here from now on and then post our favorite responses too!

Thanks for keeping us company! Don’t forget to tune in to The Wake Up Show M-F 6am-10am. Listen from anywhere in the world through our site

Aids Awareness: Live Long Enough to Find the Right One



Nice message.

The “Live long enough to find the right one” campaign to use condoms and protect yourselves from STDs.

It’s an old commercial that won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions festival. Just though tI’d share it again since I just read about the AIDS epidemic who’s numbers seem to keep rising.



Aids Awareness: Live Long Enough to Find the Right One


Five 5 New Rules to Remember in Life



Five 5 New Rules to Remember in Life:


1. Money cannot buy happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle.

2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard’s name.

3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they’re in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.

5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.


Drug Addict Profiles: Common Stereotypes on How to Spot a Drug User


Drug abuse, chemical dependency and addictive behavior spare no one and are spread throughout society. They don’t respect age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes. has put together this informational graphic as a stereotypical example of the extremes. Addicts come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn’t be limited to the views expressed in this document”



Drug Addict Profiles: Common Stereotypes on How to Spot a Drug User

Counterfeit Industry: The High Cost of Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a major industry, with a network of about 600 billion dollars worth of fake stuff getting churned out every year. What’s more, it grows about 30% annually. Two thirds of all counterfeit goods come from China, and in 2008 there were over 4 million possibly counterfeit listings on eBay alone! Squeezing real goods out of the marketplace and adjusting (lowering) what people are willing to pay for them is another detrimental effect of counterfeit goods. They also cost the people making the genuine articles jobs. It’s estimated that US workers lost 750,000 jobs in one year due to counterfeiting. 100,000 of those jobs were in LA county alone, and 25,000 in Detroit. The false goods from one facility can fill up 16 miles of train cars.



Counterfeit Industry: The High Cost of Counterfeiting

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Geeks: The Richest Geeks in the World

It used to be that the world was run by the guys with big personalities, great looks, and a good golf swing.  That said, the Internet has changed all that, thanks to a little (OK big) thing called ecommerce.  The world of ecommerce has become a wonderland of success for the geeks and nerds of our time.  Now it matters far less whether or not you can stay under par, and matters more if you can create a great online shopping solution, master the language of web code, and keep your site running once all the traffic starts pouring in. So, geek or nerd, how do you identify?  If you don’t view yourself as one or the other, you might be missing out on the Holy Grail of financial opportunity!

To prove our point, we created this infographic that profiles some of the top geeks and nerds in the world of ecommerce.  From Jeff Bezos to Natalie Massenet, these intelligent gurus are making bank – with billions in net worth and a minimum of millions in yearly revenues to their online stores. Check out this rundown of uber-geek power!


Infographic: The Age of the Ecommerce Geek


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Geeks: The Richest Geeks in the World


The Geeks

Jeff Bezos – CEO of (duh). His net worth almost twenty billion dollars. One notable thing about this eccentric billionaire is that when he was younger he rigged up an electric alarm to keep his brothers and sisters out of his room. Then, a la Dexter, he turned his parents’ garage into a laboratory. His love of experimentation hasn’t waned. In 2004 he “launched” a new company called “Blue Origin.” The goal: human space flight from a private company. Take that, Sir Richard.

Jack Ma – Founder of Alibaba. Alibaba, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the biggest internet groups in China (which has, you know, a few people). The company’s crazy internet success may be fueled in part by Ma’s combative upbringing. For starters, he suffered from stunted growth as a child. To make matters worse, his family was ostracized for siding with counter-revolutionary forces during China’s cultural revolution. This meant he got into a lot of fights. This probably turned him into the scrappy ecommerce geek that he is today with a net worth of close to 2 billion dollars.

Pierre Morad Omidyar – Founder and chairman of eBay. So yeah, there’s this little auction site (you’ve probably never heard of it) but it’s called eBay. So, more than 15 years ago, Pierre had a long weekend off and was feeling bored. Like most power ecommerce geeks, he hates having time on his hands, so he said: “I know, I’ll write the original code for an auction house that will eventually revolutionize online buying and selling.” So a case of diet Dr Pepper later (not confirmed) he emerged from his basement and launched the site “Auction Web.” Fast forward to today: almost 7 billion dollar net worth. Boom. Just like that.

Kevin Ryan – Fashion ecommerce geek and founder of Gilt Groupe. Got a taste for the finer things in life? Then you want to know all about Kevin Ryan, founder of Gilt Groupe (you can tell it’s fancy because it’s got an extra “e” on the end!). He scored a BA from Yale in ’85, then got an MBA from INSEAD (which is totally in France!) five years later. Gilt Groupe was founded in 2007 and has raised nearly 80 million dollars in financing at time of writing. Kevin’s geek power is so awesome that by the time you finish reading this, he’ll probably have raised even more money.

Reed Hastings – Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix. Many geeks love math. Reed loved math so much that he majored at math at Bowdoin college where he won the department’s Smyth Prize and Hammond Prize. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1983 and has spent the intervening years trying to improve the educational system. In 2010 he earned 5.5 million dollars in compensation.

Patrick M. Byrne – CEO of Mr. Byrne (“Byrne-ing Man” to his friends – also NOT confirmed) might just be the most educated individual on our list. Despite being way more than normal, he somehow earned a certificate from “Beijing Normal University” alongside his BA in Chinese studies, which he got from a little school called Dartmouth. He decided that they looked lonely on his wall, so he scooped up a masters from Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar. Then to finish off his (current) accomplishments, he got a PhD in Philosophy from Stanford (which I think was his fallback school). Byrne has founded 19 schools internationally, most of which he built by hand with bricks he bakes himself (fictional!). So how much does all that learning get you per year? Byrne takes home only $171,300, probably because he’s worked out that it’s the exact amount that he needs to be happy and provide for all his needs (PhD in Philosophy, remember?).

Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos. Geeks know all about treating people with kindness and respect, usually because most of us didn’t get a lot of that from our peers growing up. Rather than being mean to people when we are in control, many geeks decide to try to make the world a better place. Tony’s contribution to the happiness of the world was to create an ecommerce business where every customer service decision was geared DIRECTLY towards making every customer as happy as possible (when buying shoes, anyway). Fellow ecommerce geek Jeff Bezos loved this so much that in 2009 he called up Tony and was like: “I’d like to place an order.” and Tony said: “Okay, what would you like to order?” and Jeff said: “Your whole company.” and Tony, wanting to deliver an awesome customer service experience, quoted Jeff a number. Amazon acquired Zappos for 1.2 billion dollars. Tony then went on to write a book calledDelivering Happiness, all about his entrepreneurial experiences. It spent almost 7 months on the best seller list.

Natalie Massenet – Executive Chairman (Chair-WOMAN!) of Let’s face it: geeks and girls don’t always get along. But what about girls who are themselves geeks? Well Natalie is an ecommerce geek who is also a woman and who is also shrewd when it comes to business. Starting off as a fashion editor at Women’s Wear Daily in 1993, the left that job to start her own business: Net-a-Porter. Seventeen years later she sold her shares for fifty million British Pounds (which is like, a lot in American money!). Even without her shares, she stayed on as Executive Chair and will probably put all that money she raised back into her own company to make it even more awesome – because that’s how she rolls. Her site, by the way, gets about 2 million logins every weekend and each person’s average spend is 500 British Pounds (translation: a LOT).

Post 9/11 Health Risks and Environmental Truths


When we talk about the victims of 9/11, we remember those in the Twin Towers, airplane passengers, and lost heroes. What we rarely discuss are the victims surrounding and working at Ground Zero, who have risked breathing toxic air and contracted long-term illnesses from endless coughs to cancer. Learn what environmental and health risks are now the common aftermath of 9/11.



Post 9/11 Health Risks and Environmental Truths

The Deadliest Cars in the World: Most Dangerous Vehicles EVER


Here’s a cool infographic about the most dangerous cars in the world!

The deadliest cars in the world are out there and no, they aren’t Decepticons! Check this out and see if you’re driving a killer car!



The Deadliest Cars in the World: Most Dangerous Vehicles EVERDeadly Cars

However, there are many cars, which, for whatever reason, remain unsafe. This is generally due to compromises made on behalf of the manufacturer. For example, certain types of steel reinforcement may be omitted to improve the aerodynamic performance or fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Additionally, the inherent design of many types and classes of vehicle makes it difficult to incorporate certain safety features. For example, some small models would have to sacrifice cost and styling in order to incorporate crumple zones.
This presents a problem if you want to purchase a small, affordable commuter vehicle but don’t want to compromise in terms of safety. The Kia Rio, for instance, was the fourth most dangerous car in America from 2000-2003, with only SUVs and sports cars leading to more fatalities in accidents. So how can you tell the difference between a safe commuter vehicle and a dangerous one?

Choosing Safer Cars
A simple way to determine if a small commuter vehicle is safe is to examine the weight and sturdiness of the car. The more plastic and thin aluminum sheeting the vehicle has, the more likely it is to disintegrate in the event of a crash, hurting passengers with pieces of sharp plastic, glass, and metal. Safe small cars, such as the Volkswagen Golf, Honda Accord, and Honda Fit, have roll cages and metal bars built directly into the frames to direct crash energy away from the passengers toward other parts of the car, ensuring the passenger compartment remains intact and undamaged.
Smaller vehicles, such as the New Mini and Smart, will supplement with “crumple zones,” parts of the car intended to absorb and redirect impact towards “sacrificial bodywork,” which is destroyed instead. The Ford Fiesta is an example of a small car, which makes extensive use of integrated crumple zones and a caged passenger area. The Fiesta is equally at home in urban areas and off-road rally courses.

SUV safety, however, is based on center of mass and builds quality. The most deadly car from the 2000-2003 period was the Chevy Blazer, a massive SUV built on the frame of a pickup truck. The reason this model was so dangerous and underwent extensive redesign in 2004 is that it had a poor center of mass. The great amount of added weight in the conversion from truck to SUV is a problem plaguing many older-model SUVs. They, like the earlier Blazer, were constructed on an existing truck chassis rather than on a chassis designed specifically for them.

Rollover Dangers
SUVs inherently have more weight and ground clearance than other cars, a legacy of their history as off-road and utility vehicles. While this may be excellent for rolling through deep mud or high grass, it is very dangerous on paved city streets. Placing the center of gravity far off the ground makes a car very likely to roll when it tries to change direction, as demonstrated routinely in monster truck shows. While SUVs certainly aren’t as heavily jacked-up or custom-modified as monster trucks, their high centers of gravity and comparatively narrow wheelbases make them drive as though they were on stilts, increasing the likelihood of a rollover.

A Generation of Compromised Quality
Additionally, many SUVs produced in the late 90s and early 2000s were “quick conversion” models intended to satisfy market demand for big, powerful vehicles capable of carrying lots of passengers and traveling long distances. This resulted in lower build quality and a lack of careful adaptation and re-engineering of the parts. Many older SUVs were unable to redirect force in the event of a crash, or their crumple-zones were overwhelmed by the amount of weight put on them.
Additionally, the use of increased tire sizes led to a number of infamous rollover incidents because of the amount of drop that occurs when a tire fails suddenly and the vehicle rides on the rim. Many SUVs, because they are on “stilts,” will fall onto two wheels and the rim when a tire blows, causing a rollover.

Safer Family Cars
Anyone planning to transport multiple passengers should choose a minivan instead of an SUV. The minivan is considered a “family car.” Therefore, great emphasis has been placed on keeping the center of balance low and reinforcing the sides and roof. If the SUV is your dream vehicle, check out purpose-built vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Touareg and the Toyota Rav 4, both of which have a wide wheelbase, low center of gravity, and a frame custom-built to accommodate the extra weight inherent in an SUV. The Touareg, in particular, has a very powerful frame and extensive crumple zones. It’s designed to compete in rallying, a sport which necessitates driver protection and exceptional frame construction.

While these tips serve as good guidelines, always research the vehicle you intend to buy. Check crash ratings and automobile website forums to see what owners have to say about safety.


New DC Comics Reboot: 52 #1 Issues for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League and more

It feels kinda weird starting over. I mean, that feeling of insecurity, of change, of uncertainty and of something completely new. Of course, after the unfamiliar start, most of the time you’ll find out that all those strange new feelings were nothing to really be afraid of.

On the other hand, to just move forward and drop that past decades of stories, insights, chemistry and to just act like it never even happened, that might be a whole different ballgame.

Either way, whether you’re all for this big change or totally against it, it’s happening and it is happening now!


DC comics has started to roll out their brand new issues. They are reinventing the DC wheel! DC Comics is coming out with 52 new #1 issues for their comic books. Familiar and age old stories like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and so many more are getting a brand new slate.


batman-robin-reboot-dc-new-comics-start-over aquaman-dc-reboot-new-aqua-man-dc

There will also be new characters, new villains, new origins and more, but many will also be very familiar in a nostalgic way.

firestorm-reboot-dc-comics-new-number-1-issues 5cdd1198db15aaa0230984d4590cb05950f2174f-Batwing_New_DC

DC Comics decided to try and invite new readers by starting over. It’s a reasonable idea as many of the young ones out there, and even the oldies who still want to get into it, may be overwhelmed at the sight or knowledge of a 500 book backlog they would have to read to understand why exactly Superman and the Black Lantern Corps were in their little pillow fight.

On the other hand, while trying to get new readers, the fear is that DC comics may anger and alienate the loyal fans and lifelong readers who know these characters like the back of their hands.

Catwoman-New-DC-rebot-change-new-costume-cat-woman new-supergirl-super-girl-reboot-dc-comics-justice-league

Either way, the bottom line is that the comic book industry, like the publishing industry, needs a boost.  Sales have been dwindling for comic books especially since the digital ebooks have been released on the same day as the hardcopy comic book now.

This DC Universe reboot may just be the breath of fresh air that the comic book world needs. Besides, it’ll give a more modern and current look at many of our favorite heroes who might still be hanging on to character flaws and personalities from the 60’s.

green-arrow-reboot-dc-comics-new-books savage-hawkman-reboot-dc-hawk-man

nusuperboy1 Teen_Titans_New_DC

One bright spot is that the Justice League #1 issue already has a preorder booking of over 200,000 issues!

Anyway, here’s the unofficial comic book and character I’m especially excited about! The New and improved Superman Reboot!


Ok, just kidding about that one. But seriously, I’m pretty excited for this one. Honestly, I haven’t bought a comic book in over 10 years…. but I actually have the urge to go out and get some of these titles. If not for the reading pleasure, but also for the collector in me. I mean, come 2034, they’ll be asking you: “Where were you when DC rebooted?” When you tell the youngsters then that you were too lazy to go out and get the collectors item #1 issue of Specialman… I mean Superman, they are going to give you a death stare like no other!

Here’s to a new chapter in DC’s and our lives. It’s time to move forward. Change is good. Let’s start over and make today the fresh start to the rest of our lives!




6 Week Challenge Results! Did my filthy dirty mouth get cleaner?


I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about how much one product could really do for my filthy dirty mouth.

Six weeks ago, I was invited as one of a few bloggers to participate in this reality type challenge where we put the Listerine Total Care Mouthwash to the test.

We were asked to have our mouth and teeth evaluated before a 6-week challenge of using their Listerine Total Care Mouthwash. We had our teeth checked by the renowned dental offices of Doctor Villareal at the Bonifacio Global City’s St. Luke’s Hospital.

See that full post of Week 1 here –




Following that was a thorough weekly update of what I was doing and how I was feeling after using the Listerine Total Care Mouthwash.


Week 1 here –

Week 2 –

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

Week 5 –


And finally, after 6 weeks, I went back to St. Luke’s Hospital to see exactly what had happened in my mouth throughout these past few weeks.

The results we unbelievable! I was in for a surprise like no other!


Vince results


I was not expecting my plaque to go down 78%, my tartar to go down 91% or my gum bleeding to go down 89%!!!! The odor thing might look bad on the chart, but from the start, my odor index was actually low, at a score of 1 out of 5, meaning “there is barely any odor”.” So there really wasn’t much more to go down from from there.




The dentist even asked me if I had gotten my teeth cleaned. I told them that I didn’t and they seemed really surprised as well. They also asked if I flossed a lot, and I had to admit that I missed out on a lot of flossing because of my busy schedule.

Finally, the dentists asked if I used Listerine religiously in the past 6 weeks. I told them that I had used it at least once a day but mostly, I would used it every time after I brushed my teeth.

But even beyond the numbers, I noticed that my teeth and gums do not bleed anymore. This was something the dentists told me is actually caused by plaque and tartar building up and seeping into your gums. I originally thought bleeding gums just meant that I had “sensitive” gums, but it turns out, bleeding gums means you have dirty teeth and gums. So I’m very glad to have them nice, clean and not bleeding anymore thanks to Listerine!




Anyway, I’m a Listeriever (Listerine Believer) now! No more bleeding gums and I’ve never felt so kissable in my life!

So When In Manila, be sure to keep that filthy dirty mouth of yours clean to make sure you’re ready for any kisses that might come your way! Take the TOTAL CARE CHALLENGE yourself to be a LISTERIEVER too!


Five 5 Total Care Ways to Prepare for Life: Relationships, Dates, Careers and your Future

Throughout my short time in this world, I’ve come to find out a few things that has always gotten me through the tough times. Whenever I get too nervous, or too overwhelmed with the task at hand, I tend to look back at my past and try to figure out how I’ve overcome those other trials and hardships. I’ve come to a conclusion that there are five main things I do to help give me the strength and the confidence needed, let me share them with you.





One random day, in a random city, at a random building, you’ll get into an elevator with a big shot whom you really look up to but have only seen in the magazines, watched on TV or heard on radio. But now, for whatever strange coincidence, you’ll be alone in an elevator with him/her. What do you do now? Are you ready to give your elevator spiel on why you matter? Many times in life, the biggest and best opportunities come out of nowhere. You will not have any time to stop and prepare and you may miss out on these once in a lifetime occasions. Instead, you should always be preparing yourself. Figure out what you want to do in life and start preparing. You may want to be a big TV star, so start preparing your acting skills even before the audition. You may want to be a big banker, so start preparing your financial knowledge by knowing what’s going on with the economy and with the banks. You never know who you might need to impress out of the blue. Successful people are always ready whenever the time comes. Success is preparation meeting opportunity!



In many events, challenges, matches or big moments in your life, you will probably have some time to properly prepare for the situation. This is where the big players gets separated from the little boys. The real winners do their research! They research everything from the venue, the audience, the background of the event, all the way to the names of the guards at the door. Someone well prepared will be much more comfortable and confident when that said event finally takes place. Little things like showing up to the event early and checking your PowerPoint presentations on the projector or knowing where the podium is or even just meeting the organizers of the event play a big role when you finally have to give that big presentation! Do your research!



It’s an old saying that is so much more useful when you actually implement it! Usually, before a big speech, people would pace around the backstage telling everyone in sight that they are nervous. This actually hinders your confidence and ability to do well because you are setting your mind and yourself to think that you are nervous. Instead, pretend that you aren’t. Tell yourself that you are not nervous and tell everyone else that too. If you start pretending that you’re comfortable, you might start pretending to act like a confident person and next thing you know, you actually become confident. The universe has a strange way of giving you what you ask for, make sure you’re asking it to make you confident rather than telling it to make you more nervous. Fake it til’ you make it!



It’s all about the little details. I remember my college professor telling me that the little things matter! They matter because the little things are a reflection of how you will handle the bigger things. If you can’t be trusted with the little things, how can we trust you with the big ones. If you forget to email that document your boss told you to email, or if you misplace the copies of the lunch menu your colleagues asked you for, then when it comes down to assigning you bigger tasks, they might be a bit hesitant to ask for your service or to give you that promotion. So make sure you check all the small things. Mind the details!



I use this as a metaphor for everything else like combing your hair, shining your shoes and making sure your tie is sharp! Part of having the full confidence you need is having the basic tools necessary. Always dress to impress! It’s better to dress up than to be dressed down. So keep that breath fresh! It starts not just at the moment of your big event, but from months ago. Get that suit ironed out, but that nice tie you need and start using that mouthwash for that total care you need to succeed. Confidence comes from within, it comes from what you do day in and day out. So be sure you are prepared for that big day of yours but getting ready now! Total care starts NOW!



Five 5 Total Care Ways to Prepare for Life: Relationships, Dates, Careers and your Future


America’s Economic Crisis Revealed Infographic: The 2008 Financial Crisis was a Ponzi Scheme

Most call it one of the biggest financial crises in living memory. Others call it one great big Ponzi scheme. Whatever you want to call it, a bunch of people lost a bunch of money and the world of high finance may never be the same. But don’t worry – that doesn’t mean that we’ve fixed all these problems or punished the people responsible. It just means that next time you can’t get a loan or a higher credit limit, the banks will have an excuse.

Inside Amarica’s Economic Downfall: The 2008 Financial Crisis was a Ponzi Scheme



Our “most unwanted” list includes guys like Martin Feldstein. He was an economics professor at a little school called Harvard (maybe you’ve heard of it) and served as Ronald Reagan’s Chief Economic Advisor. He was a major architect in Reagan’s deregulation scheme (which is either the best thing ever in the world to some political views, or the worst thing in the world to others).

Alan Greenspan is also responsible, some believe. He was paid $40,000 to testify on behalf of extreme bank looter Charles Keating. Greenspan spoke of his “sound business plans” and “expertise.” Of course, these kind words didn’t come for free.

Robert Rubin was the Treasury Secretary and also a former CEO of Goldman Sachs. He teamed with Larry Summers to get Congress to pass the “Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.” Whatever that did, he went and used it to make $126 million as Vice Chairman of CitiGroup.

Last up is Larry Summers, who also served as Treasury Secretary. Another Harvard economics professor (not looking good for that place). He was another key player in deregulation and also helped create derivatives, the trading of which was a major contributing factor to the financial collapse.

Companies and Their (Illegal) Activities

With all the time giant financial corporations spend doing shady and downright illegal things, it’s a wonder that they have any time left to do…whatever it is that they are actually supposed to do. Let’s take a look at some notable post-deregulation antics of those wacky corporations:

JP Morgan: Bribed government officials

Riggs: Laundered money for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (a military leader – for those who don’t know – who led a coup in Chile and was said to have brutally crushed, killed, and interred all who opposed his illegal regime)

Credit Suisse: Laundered money for Iran in violation of US sanctions

Freddie Mac: Accounting fraud

Fannie Mae: Accounting fraud (which, in this case, means overstating their earnings by 10 billion over ten years, which is NOT the same as slightly exaggerating your salary to impress someone at the bar)

UBS: Fraud

ENRON: Fraud – Citibank, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch tried to help conceal the fraud

Of course, this is just the beginning.  Review the infographic to see how, exactly, the economic crisis of 2008 occurred and you be the judge: who’s to blame? Are we out of the dark yet? And are we making the right choices now?


America’s Economic Crisis Revealed Infographic: The 2008 Financial Crisis was a Ponzi Scheme

Healthy Contests for YOU

Hey guys, healthy living need not be booooorrrrriiiing.

Two contests for the young — ahem, that’s me —- and the not-so-very-young are ongoing on Facebook. Really, there are so many contests there, but these two got my attention.

For one, I’m into healthy lifestyle. Or I try my damned best to be.

Two, these contests are encouraging us to channel our creative juices to be funny, quirky, amusing, nutty but with good intentions.  Whoa!!!


Wheat grass


Anyway, if you’re all of the above…. Me, I’m batty all the time but lovable nevertheless — visit the Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass CAN fan page. Like that page before you send your entry.

The mechanics of the two contests are also found there.

1.       “Shake the Grass” video contest  –

3 winners will be announced on August 19.

How do you win?  3 categories such as Best Video, Most Liked and Most viewed.

Cool cool prizes for each category:
a.   Samsung Galaxy Tab for the Most Liked video
b.   Most number of views –   P3,000 cash and this elegant Wheatgrass ready-to-drink shirt
c.  An Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen 8gb  —  for the best video which will be determined on originality (50%), creativity (40%) and quality of the video (10%).


2.        “I can change for the good” foto contest

Prize at stake is dinner with Alodia and Ashley, plus a special Easy Pha-max gift pack.

Top 3 winners will be based on the most number of likes of their fotos, the best foto, and the best “I change for the good” pledge.
Winners will be announced on August 19.

So guys, I’m sure before the 57 days countdown, you would have had the time to create a video,  take a good foto of yourself and thought of a good promise you know you can keep.


FYI. Links for the mechanics  –




Freelance at a Glance: Freelancing in Today’s Job Market

Here’s a really cool infographic I found about the growing freelance industry. So cheers to all the freelancers out there!

The popularity of mobile devices combined with the explosive growth of apps and cloud-based computing are making it easier than ever before for people to take their expertise out of the office and set off on their own. Whether they do it for the flexibility or the independence, freelancers are fast becoming the new face of the global workforce. Today’s #E2sday takes a glance at what it means to be a freelancer.


Meralco Emerging Technologies for the NEW Smart Home: The Future of Electricity


Ever since that first lightning strike and the discovery of electricity, the world had moved forward in dramatic ways! Taking us from the age of darkness into the age of light. Perhaps no other discovery or invention has come close to creating such a positive charge in the human race, except for the internet. Now, imagine if those two powerhouses can work together.


I was completely amazed at the recent Meralco exhibit where they showed off some of their up-and-coming technologies to help better improve the lives of Filipinos from all walks of life.


There was an entirely new concept of how we can consume electricity more efficiently and also how we can integrate the use of the internet to better secure our homes and save money and power.

Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-7 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-9


From Smart Meters that allow you the option for prepaid electricity, to Smart Homes that presented modern day automated solutions for today’s appliances, it was all there for us to behold.


Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-6 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-22

I was particularly excited about the “Home Area Network” feature where you could control your internet connected lights, locks, curtains, appliances and event thermostat of your home. With just a click of a button on your phone or tablet you could control everything in your home, without even being home. It just seemed like a great way to monitor your house and not having to worry on whether or not you locked the door or left some appliances running while you are out of town.


Furthermore, I was thoroughly impressed with the Meralco Apps that would give you information and access to Meralco services at your fingertips. You’ll be able to calculate which appliances contribute most to your electricity bill. You’ll also be able to know your Meralco bill details, locate the nearest Meralco business center, find out scheduled maintenance in your area and so much more, all available on your iPad, iPhone or Android powered device.

Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-32 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-29


Overall, it was an exciting day and one filled with wonder about what more the future might bring.

Thanks so much to Meralco for having me at this eye opening and geek-gasmic event!




Meralco Emerging Technologies for the NEW Smart Home: The Future of Electricity

Fishbowl Sink Concept to Save Water

Thought this was cool:




This Fishbowl Sink concept is a unique way to get people to preserve water. The water in the fishbowl decreases as you wash your hands. The idea is to force people to shut the water off in order to save the fish. Once the faucet is off, the water refills.