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Writer’s Block Philippines is once again holding a one of a kind travel writing workshop with Carlos Celdran.

A group founded by freelance writers Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou, and Nina Terol-Zialcita, Writer’s Block Philippines believes in conducting writing workshops that are both experiential and inspiring.

“Combining something we are passionate about–like food and travelling–with writing has been our formula from the start. It’s proven to be something that participants look for and look forward to,” says Ana Santos, who writes about sexual health rights and women in armed conflict.

Take a walk around the famed city of Intramuros and listen to Manila tourist guide extraordinaire Carlos Celdran regale us with his own kind of history lesson / tour that is also a one-man theatrical performance.

Workshop participants will start the morning with the Carlos Celdran “If these walls could talk” walking tour of Intramuros and then be given free time to write about their experience.

Later, these writing pieces will be discussed with Writer’s Block Founders and a guest speaker from Travelife Magazine who will share what really makes a good travel piece and provide an editorial perspective on what editors look for.

“I see travel as a learning experience–whether it is a local or foreign destination. Traveling is a nice opportunity to learn about the things beyond the four walls of the classroom. For me, the best way to document each travel experience is to write about it. Walk Write This Way 2.0 will help aspiring travel writers become more effective in their craft, as the founders of Writer’s Block Philippines will share tips that every writer will find useful.”, says Nikka Sarthou, a lifestyle and travel journalist.

Writer’s Block Philippines also dispels the myth that travelling entails a lot of time and money. “Sometimes, the most surprising discoveries await us just in our own backyards,” says Nina Terol – Zialcita, who writes about themes on “changemaking” and culture and the arts. “Those of us who live in Manila tend to take it for granted because all we see is the traffic, the pollution, and the stressors that accompany our daily grind. But if we peel all those layers and look closely, we will discover that we live in a vibrant and culturally diverse locale where there are also many stories to be uncovered and shared.”

As Writer’s Block Philippines is a firm believer in freelance writing as a career, various writing opportunities in travel writing will also be discussed. We hope that at the end of the workshop, the participants will have learned the basics of what they will need to combine their passion for writing and travelling and earn from it!

Log onto or message 0927.850.8280 for more information.

Writer’s Block Philippines believes that writing is both art and craft, both creative and methodical, a form of expression and a discipline. Writing itself is only one aspect of “writing”; a culmination of other processes that make it easier for you to write your piece. Through its workshops, Writer’s Block will bring all these different processes together and teach you how to be an effective writer.

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