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Win P100,000 by being a Changemaker

The British Council in the Philippines and Starbucks Philippines is currently running a competition called “I am a Changemaker” which is a business plan competition for the best social enterprise idea.  We are giving away Php 100,000 each for winning proposals from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR.  The Php 100,000 is to be used as seed money for them to implement their ideas.  Our partner in this competition Starbucks Philippines will also give out an additional Php100,000 for the proposal that best exemplifies their Shared Planet Criteria.

The competition is targeted towards young people (16-28 years old) to get them more involved in their respective communities.  Aside from the cash prize we are also providing free social enterprise development training workshops courtesy of our partners Ateneo de Manila University and Social Enterprise Development Partnership Inc (SEDPI).  The finalists from around the country have already been selected and will be having their training session from the 26-28 of July at the Ateneo.

There will be a finals competition on 30 July at the Leong Hall of the Ateneo de Manila University where the competing finalists will give a short presentation of their proposal in front of an esteemed panel of judges.  The final judging will take the whole day to view all the presentations but the awarding ceremonies will be from 530PM-730PM. Father Nebres from the Ateneo and British Ambassador Lillie will be present give the awards.

The competition is a collaboration between the British Council in the Philippines and Starbucks Philippines. This is a culmination of a year’s search for social enterprise ideas from our Philippine youth and judging for the finals will be on Friday, July 30 at the Ateneo Leong Hall in the Ateneo Loyola Campus.

The finals are open to the public so feel free to invite anyone interested in social enterprise or at least the ideas of our youth in solving real problems in their community.

Teaching Kids from Smokey Mountain about Blogging

I just got an invite for an opportunity to change lives in a positive way. Tomorrow, Saturday June 19, I’ll be speaking to 25 kids from Smokey Mountain about the powers of blogging. I’ll be telling them about the cool things I’ve been able to do and the achievements my fellow bloggers have accomplished because of a simple blog.

We’re hoping to inspire them to also put their thoughts into words and maybe, just maybe, someone will be able to find their amazing personalities and may be able to help them reach their dreams and goals.

I’m a firm believer that ONE PERSON can make a difference and I’m hoping that positive things come out of this.

Below was the letter I was sent just yesterday. My schedule was full, but I had to clear it up a bit for this really amazing event!

I’ll post updates and pictures after the event! I’m really excited and nervous about this one! Hope it goes well!


BUHAY KO SA SMOKEY MOUTAIN: Invite from Manila Jaycess

Hi Vince!

Thanks for your support! As we briefly spoke on the phone, VJ and I are doing a project with the Manila Jaycess. Our project, entitled BUHAY KO SA SMOKEY MOUNTAIN aims to teach kids how to use blogging to change their lives. It is a weekly session, starting this Saturday.

For this weeks session, what we hope your talk will achieve is to introduce the world of blogging to the kids. At the end of the talk, we hope that we will create an excitement in the kids that they want to learn. It will be more of an inspirational talk, not a technical talk about blogs. Maybe you can show them your blog (wheninmanila.com) and other blogs. The stories behind the blog is as important as the blog itself. It would be great if you can bring other bloggers or other members of your team =)

The session will start 2 PM but your talk will start 230 PM and end 4 PM. I’ll forward you the map going to the center. This is in partnership with Young Focus Foundation. The center will have 25 computers all with internet access. We can provide you with a computer and an LCD projector if you need to show them any visual presentation like blogs or other stuff.

The event will be documented by Range Finder Philippines.

I have CC’d VJ so if you have any questions, please let us know.

I’m sure the kids will be really excited to have a DJ there =)

Thanks again!

A Short Bio of the Kids:

– High school to college students
– 25 participants
– All computer and internet literate
– Most of the have facebooks and plays farmvilles actually

UPDATE: Here’s some pics and info from that awesome event! Was a lot of fun speaking to the kids! – http://www.wheninmanila.com/teaching-blogging-to-smokey-mountain-kids-buhay-ko-philanthropy-projects/


I’ll post updates and pictures after the event! I’m really excited and nervous about this one! Hope it goes well!