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Short Courses at Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts: New School in the Fort

A brand new school is opening up at the Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Burgos circle area. It’s going to be a very modern school with top coaches who can help bring your career to the next level! They have real world training for you to be able to succeed in this very real world.

The Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts (MAICA) offers courses that empower the individual with a dynamic perspective and real life skills essential to successful, modern living.

Personal Financial_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts short courses in Personal Finance Management

Basic Photography_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts short course in basic Photography

Presentation Essentials_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Presentation Essential Skills

Basic Lightroom Workshop_RESIZE copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Basic Lightroom Workshop

Personal Advancement_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Personal Advancement Program

“MAICA offers courses that empower individuals with a dynamic perspective and real-life skills essential to successful modern living” Tools to survive and thrive in the modern world.
Supported by Maquillage Professionnel, Pinoy Photographers, & Our Awesome Planet.
For course and rates. pls call us at 5695235/8468920

MAICA Address: 2nd Floor,Unit 2 Bellagio,Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

MA ICA Contact Info: 846-8920/ 569-5235

MAICA Website: http://www.modernacademy.com.ph

MAICA Email: info@modernacademy.com.ph

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Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts / MAICA

Short Courses at Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts: New School in the Fort

Art and Passion at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Passionfest


My favorite city in the Philippines is helping you guys discover how special it really is!

BGC is already one of my favorite places to hang out at. It’s safe, clean, fun and now, filled with awesome artworks and lights to make the holidays more festive.

Come to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) this holiday season for their “Passionfest Holidays” and truly see what this emerging community is all about!

I want to thank the BGC team for showing me around their side of town. You too can experience this free guided tour! It’s the BGC Fun Tour!



The BGC Fun Tour lets YOU experience the season through Bonifacio Global City’s art pieces and holiday installations with onboard entertainment by The Spit (Silly People’s Improv Theater) Group.


You’ll get some fun on board entertainment while also learning a little bit about Bonifacio Global City and the art around BGC.


SPIT is sort of like that TV show called “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” where you have these impromptu comedians who make skits, songs and jokes on the spot based on their interaction and suggestions of the crows. So anything goes and every performance is definitely one of a kind!

All you have to do is get your FREE tickets from the Bonifacio High Street Concierge or be at Bonifacio High Street 30 minutes before the departure of the bus, at B8, near Coffee Bean on Dec 18-19, every hour from 6pm-9pm.


Here’s some of the cool sites I got to see on the BGC Fun Tour:

All the trellises in Bonifacio High Street are adorned with colorful LED lights that flickers to the tune of Christmas carols. Add a sentence here which lets the reader know what you thought of the lights or how it made you feel.


The theme of the Christmas installations around the BGC is “Parol,” which is an ornamental star-like lantern popular in Philippine culture. They were traditionally made out of native materials and used by farmers to light their way as they went to the night masses (simbang gabi) which is another tradition in the Philippines for the Christmas season.

There are many different “Parols” scattered around the city. The installations featured not the usual parols but a more contemporary and artsy rendition.



BGC’s 60-foot Christmas Tree at the corner of 26th St. and 5th Ave. Along with the other artistic renditions of the “Parol.”




Along the corner of 32nd Street and 5th Avenue stands a very majestic piece that illuminates the busy street corner. It’s multi colored lighting and cascading water again reminds you that the artistic talents of Filipinos are definitely world class! The three pillars of this piece, said to represent the three major island groups of the Philippines, can really inspire viewers to feel the possibilities that we too can achieve.


Anyway, to find out more about the cool events happening this Holiday Season at BGC, check out this flyer with info on the BGC events.


· The BGC Fun Tour – Experience the season through the city’s art pieces and holiday installations with onboard entertainment from SPIT.

· The Symphony BGC – A musical fusion led by the Manila Symphony Orchestra, with Robert Sena and DJ Siverfilter.

· Walkway: The Gift of Christmas – Christmas art installations which will make families congregate and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas starting Dec 15

· The Gumball Challenge – a fair to raise awareness on microfinance and social entrepreneurship.

· Anticipated Simbang Gabi

· And more!



Art and Passion at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Passionfest

Things I Wish People Knew When Driving in the Philippines


Driving in the Philippines isn’t quite like it is anywhere else. Here are some things I wish people would think of while driving when in the Philippines.


Patience isn’t just a virtue… it’s a flippin necessity!
You can start your day off by smiling and keeping the little things exactly what they’re supposed to be – little. Or, you could totally BLOW UP and frustrate yourself at that one guy who cut you off on the road. It’ll really reflect the rest of your day. Your choice.
Size doesn’t matterJust coz you drive a bigger car doesn’t mean that you’re the king of the road.
Motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians are people too you know!
Pedestrians should have the right of way
I mean they’re walking… you’re driving…. you hit them… they die…. So can we just wait an extra few seconds to let them cross the street?
Did honking your horn that much really make things move faster?
Like really? Quit being a horn-y-bastard (get it… ‘horn-y’…. no…? Nevermind!)
Mind your manners
If you insist on flipping me off every time something doesn’t go your way, then I insist that you also say thank you during times that they do – like when I let you cut in front of me
The evil stare makes you look like a punkDon’t give me a stare down like you’re gonna do something while you drive off and hide behind your locked car. It just makes you look like a wuss
Try smiling, it makes everyone’s days better
They invented this thing called “Trash Cans”USE IT!
Stop throwing stuff out your window! This is YOUR WORLD and YOUR COUNTRY too!
It would be nice if you were niceIt’ll make this long road trip better for me and you
I know you have somewhere to go and you’re in a rush, so is everyone else. Can’t we all just get along?

Hope you’re all having a wonderful driven and driving day!

*Image #1 photo credits to http://filamfunk.blogspot.com