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Philippine Elections and YOUR Turn to Vote on May 10

Dough forget to vote!

It’s election time in the Philippines and one of two things will happen to the voters of this nation: One is that many will forget to vote, and Two, many will vote multiple times… Well that’s just the way the country works…

Krispy-Kreme-Fort-Bonifacio-High-Street-15 Krispy-Kreme-Fort-Bonifacio-High-Street-12

But either way, it’s good to know that there are people out there who do their part in reminding forgetful, non-news-watching, non-tv-viewing, non-radio-listening, non-internet-checking people to go out and vote.


At Krispy Kreme, they made some new, limited edition doughnuts that will surely remind you to go out and vote. Even better is that they’ll reward you with an “Orange You Glad” (orange juice type shake) drink if you come into selected Krispy Kreme branches and show your voting finger stamp. Of course, you can probably just stamp your finger with a regular stamp, but that’d be really sleezy and the doughnut gods will frown upon you.

Also, if you want to practice your voting skills, you can come into a Krispy Kreme outlet where you will, for a limited time, place your order with a ballot-like form where you have to shade in your doughnut orders. It’s practice for people who have never shaded ballots before. Believe me, it’s much more complicated than you think… just ask the citizens of Florida!

Krispy-Kreme-Fort-Bonifacio-High-Street-Dough-Forget-to-Vote Krispy-Kreme-Fort-Bonifacio-High-Street-5

Anyway, thanks to Krispy Kreme, here are some tips on preparing yourselves for the upcoming elections:

1. Turnout will be HUGE! So come before 7am, unless you want to be in line all day.

2. Keep your cool! Stock up on H2O, you don’t want to add to the heat of the election fever, right?

3. Did you know you’re only given one ballot? So make a list or better yet, use a Krispy Kreme vote 2010 mock ballot as your guide. (available at participating outlets)

4. Bring a friend or two! Make the elections a fun democracy date.

After you vote:

5.  On May 10, add this page where you can get a coupon on Facebook – http://Facebook.com/hotlightgirlchloe then go to your nearest Krispy Kreme branch, present your coupon, flip your finger (not the bad one) marked with indelible ink and enjoy a free Krispy Kreme Orange You Glad Chiller.

So yeah, When In Manila (had to say that) on May 10, don’t forget to cast your vote for the people who will best govern the Philippines to make it a better place to live in. Then, do come to Krispy Kreme where you can get rewarded for your right to vote!

The Presidential Cup has Begun! EVERY Gulp Counts!

The world famous voting event known as the Philippine Elections are soon to be underway.

The last time I was in the Philippines for an election was waaaay before I really cared any bit about politics or anything with the adult world. I was much more concerned about Transformers, GI Joes, He-Man and the Thundercats back then. But now, this is something important that will affect the lives of millions.

On the ballot are a bunch of crazy candidates. We have a guy who has an expensive last name, a guy who is a business tycoon from the streets of Compton (locally known as Tondo), a guy who was kicked out of the club but really wants to come back, a girl who wears the pants and quite a few more mixed nuts in there.

Anyway, what I found really interesting about this American Idol copycat of an event, is that we may know who will win this Philippine Election thing through 7-11. No I’m not talking about a July 11th. I’m talking about your favorite “I need a Slurpee at 2am” convenient store!

7-11 has launched a campaign to try and gauge who will win this Dance-off. With their Presidential Cup, you get to cast a vote with every cup of sugar water that you buy!

It’s a great strategy to play on the emotions of people. I’d really like to see if this does end up raising sales because your candidate is lagging by a Coke and three Sprites.

All you have to do us make sure you pick the cup of the candidate you support. The cashiers at 7-eleven will then scan the barcode of the cup and your vote will get entered into the system. You can check the stats on 7-elections.com.ph. Now you can literally drink to your candidate!

So go ahead people! Cast your vote and buy your cup so that 7-11 can tally the scores and predict the outcome of this crazy race. If they get it right, I may have to tap 7-11 for some info on the horse races too…

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (3)

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (1)

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (4)

7-Eleven-Every-Gulp-Counts-Elections-Campaign-Soda-Softdrinks-7-Elections-Presidential-Cup7-Eleven Logo

The Presidential Cup has Begun! An inside look at this cool marketing campaign