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2011 Top 100 Songs in Manila Philippines on Mellow 94.7

Itโ€™s the first show for the new year 2012!

But, we wanted to spend it looking back, one last time, at the year that was 2011!

We asked our listeners:

โ€œOne last time, let’s look back at the year that was! Give us your Best & Worst of 2011! Movies, music, BFs & GFs, personal stories or whateverโ€

Here are our favorite responses about your Best & Worst Everything for 2011:

Francine Prieto @fwancheen: PITBULL the best!!!!ย  dami ko worst!!!!! 2011 my worst year ever!!!!!!

The worst part of 2011 is when i got a grade of 85, :(,and family pr0blems Best part was the mem0ries i had ,sad or happy ones.. Happy new year bitchies! -ann orihara

My personal hylyts of 2011 is that i graduated frm college, got a good job and d worst is that i have 2 resign ryt away coz my dc2rs dscoverd i got a stage2 cancer and undrwent an operation. but aftr all, im lookng 4ward 4 my full-rcovery this 2012 =)-angel frm cavite

d best ting hapend was i got my 15th mont pay. D worst? i lost my wallet with my credit card. Pls play hearbeat by the fray. Jaykee

best part? i met him and bcame a couple.worst part he confessed he has a gf na.. Ouching me! Goodmorning becheez!- cess

Best: graduating, firstjob, love, wakeup show, worst: second job, family growing apart, and harry potter ends! Rp,makati

Nakahara4.5 the highlights of my 2011 are harry potter last installment, breaking dawn part1, and TAYLOR SWIFT IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! The lowlights would be the Haiti earthquake, because it happened on my birthday:(. Also the woman who claim that her son’s father is JUSTIN BEIBER!! Oh, I hate her!!! Tnx mellow! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Joie Camille Bartolome: Best time for me is finding the love of my life and graduating from college.. i dont have worst times though i always look at things positively.. 2011 was a blast, hope 2012 is too..

John Peter Pascual: Best dressed of 2011 – Rihanna
Worst dressed – Nicki Minaj

Aurea Angel Ramos Enriquez: BEST-
When I celebrated my debut. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the other one is that, my defense was a very big success, because I was exempted to my final exam.
The dog that my bestguy gave to me died. :'(

Michelle Fernandez: BEST- our trainer,(which also happens to be my crush)fell in love with me. The months of courtship was full of Kilig moments and Happiness(as always).Even he’s assigned to a different site of our company,he puts so much effort in seeing me everyday. We eat breakfast after shift,dinner before shift,movie date every weekends,out of town with friends and he even introduced me to his family. Eventually, I said “yes” to him and we became a couple.
(Warning: this is quite LONG.haha)
WORST:after several weeks of being together,I asked him if he could change his Relationship Status here(FB). Me not that Surprised by his answer,He declined. His reason was he doesn’t want to incorporate his personal life in this “crappy social networking site”. I asked him to change that because,there’s this girl who keeps posting on his wall,I had an instinct that there’s “something” going on between the two. There was even a time where our common friend posted a message on his wall saying “I’m happy for you and Mish. Stay inlove!”,which he deleted. My instinct grew stronger and I felt that he’s not proud of me being his girlfriend.We talked about it,he said that he doesn’t want to incorporate his “personal life” here in this “crappy social networking site”,it will only ruin us,he said that the girl was just a “friend” nothing more,nothing less. I had a hard time believing it,my instinct became stronger and stronger. We broke up,got back together,broke up again because of the same issue. I found myself unhappy. I wasn’t supposed to give him another chance,but he came to my house,crying and saying sorry for everything and promised to get things right this,I gave him The Second Chance. After we got back together,I tried not to doubt him again and forget the about the “Instinct” I’m feeling. 4 days after,he broke up with me. Saying the words I told him during our 2nd Break Up “I can’t stay in a relationship full of doubts and Uncertainties.” Then a week after,I saw his FB post saying I love you to the girl who he said is just his “friend”.
All of these happened from august til december. Well,talk about how I spent my holidays. Haha
Thanks for listening..needed to get this out.hehe

Anne Cucio: i’ve bin reading the comments and the story of michelle fernandez hit me’ ๐Ÿ™‚ bin thru that actually trice as worst than that last dec 2010, and 2011 has bin the turning point of my life…i wasnt lookin for someone better but God gave me her anyway’ but the thing is once you’ve move on…you’ll realize bigger dreams of urs and be suprise that ur crappy ex is not in it db? there goes my best story my worst….wala i guess if we surpassed it then its not that worst anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ haha have a great day everyone and pls play today my life begin 4 michelle fernandez thanks!

Nicole Brillo: another good thing 2011 gave me , when i was elected as the student council president .:) haha , wala akung worst e . coz i take it a challenge lang ๐Ÿ™‚

Yael Ampalaya: SCANDAL: KC and Piolo’s break-up. KC’s statements are juicy so Piolo must come out. Better late than never. ๐Ÿ™‚


John Atlas Tumlos: Pinay beauty shines in the world. Kudos Shamcey Supsup, Gwendolyn Ruais et al.

How about you? What was the best and worst for you in 2011?


Best and Worst of 2011: Looking Back One More Time Before 2012

New Blog Ready… About to Hit “POST” then… BLACKOUT…. FUUUUUUUUUUU
2011 Top 100 Songs in Manila Philippines on Mellow 94.7