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What's Up with A-Pop (Asian Pop)? - The Wild Hearted Invasion

OK, I don’t usually react negatively or emotionally to a lot of things. I’m a really laid back type of guy and I don’t really get into confrontations or arguments with a lot of people (I can’t even really think of anyone I’m in bad terms with right now). Though there is one thing that really gets me fired up, it’s when those who can, bully those who can’t! It’s when someone who has power takes advantage of someone, or something, that has no power whatsoever to defend himself / herself / itself.

Now I’m talking about children, elderly, men or women and even animals. Yes, you are much bigger, much stronger and much more capable of hurting them, so why use that power you have to hurt someone else? Are you that insecure and feeble that you have to abuse those whom cannot protect themselves to make yourself feel like you have a bigger dick?

I just feel really pissed off right now as my sister’s cat (I’m a big animal person) came home with a rope, tied VERY tightly on his neck. It wasn’t any accidental tangle as I could clearly see it was tied. I could barely slide in my scissor to cut the rope off. Now I’m not sure if our cat (“Snug”)was tied up to something else, or how my cat was able to get away, but the rope was somehow cut loose and fortunately, our cat was able to come home ok, but seemingly very tired and very scared. I assume he had a hard time breathing with that rope tied tightly like that. Oh and also, Snug has a collar, meaning he is someone’s pet! Although, even if a cat doesn’t have a collar, it still does not give anyone any right to hurt them!

This is the rope I cut that was on our cat –

Rope tied to my cat by some idiot neanderthals

Snug’s actually a really nice cat. I mean maybe he can get a little noisy with him meowing to get attention, but he really loves people and other cats. I found out how nice he was when he once brought home a stray kitten. The kitten was barely a few days old, but we could tell that it was dying. We tried to nurse it back to health, but we found out that the kitten actually had a disease, which also made us assume that the kitten’s mom abandoned this one as to save the other kittens in the litter. Of course, this is going really far out into koo koo land, but we then imagine our cat, Snug, seeing the kitten abandoned, then brought it home to his own mom – my sister. But yes, the kitten survived a few more days but was unfortunately stricken with some really bad disease and really couldn’t make it. Either way, Snug thinks he’s a mom sometimes, even though he’s a guy cat.

Pics of Snug sleeping / playing dead…

He’s fine…. he just sleeps like that

cat snug sleeping cat playing dead

Snug Cat playing dead cat Snug rolling over

Anyway, I’ve heard of people here in my little compound not liking cats and even putting them into plastic bags and throwing them into the river (though I have never personally seen this). Just want to give you a heads up that your cock does not get any bigger and you don’t get any cooler for bullying those who cannot defend themselves. Please stop what your doing and instead, try to make this world a better place. Also, I will report you to proper authorities as there are laws against cruelty to any living beings, such as cats and dogs, who feel pain just like you, who feel fear just like your parents would, who can love just like your grandparents could, who FEEL just like your kids and your fellow human beings do. (how would you FEEL if you were tied up with a rope on your neck?)

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy. PAWS believes that the creation of a more peaceful society starts with the widening of mankind’s circle of compassion which includes animals, thereby envisions a nation that respects animals, practices responsible pet ownership and protects wildlife.

So again, please pick on someone your own size if you really need to. But I’d much rather prefer if you just be nice to everyone and everything that lives, breathes and shares the same planet as you do.

Oh and by the way… LEAVE OUR CAT ALONE!!!

Hope that’s not too much to ask.

Our cat Snug with my sister

Also, check out this video by “Turkey’s Changemakers” – Turkey’s Changemakers: Tolga Oztorun sheds light on hardships faced by street animals

Then and Now VIP Tickets, Elevator Etiquette and more!
What's Up with A-Pop (Asian Pop)? - The Wild Hearted Invasion